Here’s a short post for you this week:

If you find yourself feeling sluggish, resistant, or doing a lot of avoidance behaviours, here’s a remedy that may help.

It’s an affirmation that my friend Kimberly Kinser of Gracenote Eldercare Coaching shared with me from the co-founder of Unity Church, Charles Fillmore

I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm to do what needs to be done by me today.

Saying this always brings a smile to my face- there’s something so outrageous and energizing about the “I fairly sizzle” part, which is supported by the “zeal and enthusiasm” part.

Then all that energy is poured into the action, which is specific limited, focused- and, well- do-able.

This affirmation seems to dissolve resistance into effervescent bubbles that float away. It brings me into the present day and gives me the energy to do what’s on my plate.

What affirmations help you to be your best self or get things done? Share with the community in the comments below, or send me a private email.

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Live your best life now and make your difference in the world!


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