Nice Things Clients Say

Before I started coaching with Jacquie, I was giving 110% of myself working in a job that lined up with my values on a surface, theoretical level, but that challenged my integrity in the real day-to-day in a way that was damaging my spirit.  I was suffering from a serious case of ‘should-itis’ that kept me stuck on that particular career path.  Fear of the unknown prevented me from not only taking steps toward changing my situation, but it even blocked my ability to imagine and believe in viable alternatives.  I felt stuck, drained, and conflicted.  I knew I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing, and yet there was a part of me that tried to tell me it wasn’t quite time, a part of me that didn’t want me to commit to making change or take any risks, even though my current situation was eating away at the heart of me.


If anyone had told me I should consider coaching, I probably would have dismissed it thinking that I already had the emotional and intellectual resources, as well as plenty of the friend supports it takes to make changes.  But in retrospect, I really didn’t understand what a coach does and how that differs from other traditional supports that help us make change in our lives.  Fortunately, I met Jacquie at a community event and got a good sense right away of her skill, humility, and genuine concern for others’ well-being. To be honest, I wasn’t yet convinced that coaching would help, but my gut told me that Jacquie was a good person to connect with, and so I gave it a shot. I also had worries about how much it was going to cost and what I would have to sacrifice to pay for something like coaching when I wasn’t sure of the results.  But then I asked myself what was more important to me than taking steps toward making a happier life for myself? Certainly, no material object I could buy was better than the investment in coaching that would help me embrace changing my direction.


Through the activities and mental tools to which Jacquie introduced me, I was able to see how desperately I wanted to live out my values and was able to transform them into a personal mission of sorts that helps me keep check on whether or not I am living out my integrity.  I was able to recognize and navigate around the mental blocks I’d put in my own way to prevent me from following what was right for me in exchange for a false sense of security that comprised my values and left me little time or mental space to really enjoy the supposed benefits of that ‘security’. Through coaching I learned to celebrate the positive steps I took to make change, and to honour the integral parts of myself that had been overshadowed by the parts of myself that worked hard to gain and maintain the approval of others. Ultimately, coaching helped me see and seize employment opportunities to meet my needs without compromising my most important values.  Without coaching I may not have made those hard but healthy decisions, and I certainly wouldn’t have made them at the time when I needed to for my well-being.  Coaching showed me how to tap certain intrinsic resources of mine that helped me embrace a life that lives out the truth that we are safe and free.


I don’t think any coach would have worked to help me make these changes I sought. Jacquie had the spiritual skills to help me imagine and believe in the possibilities, and the task-master skills to keep our conversations focused and moving toward meeting my goals. It was the right balance between feeling heard and supported, but not allowing me to spend our valuable meeting time repeating unhelpful patterns. I felt like each meeting was worth the money I put into it, and Jacquie helped further that by holding me accountable to actions I committed to take in the weeks following a meeting.  I whole-heartedly recommend Jacquie as a coach to anyone who feels stuck, who wants some aspect of their life to change, and is willing to invest in help to make that change happen.



Written with gratitude,







When I first started coaching with Jacquie I wanted help with regard to the issue of time and simply put, not enough of it. I felt stuck trying to juggle the needs of all of my household and I could not enjoy life. I remember sobbing one night that I just could not keep up and was no use to anyone feeling completely overwhelmed.


Initially I was uncertain of what coaching was and I was highly anxious wanting a quick fix solution that I could implement immediately and my life would be more manageable.


What I realized through the coaching process was that a band-aid fix was not what my being really needed actually and Jacquie knew that. I needed to slow down, go inside and start really looking at my values, my core self, what I wanted most out of my life and get centered. This was not about me finding better tools to organize my household and life as I thought but a way to re-orient myself to who I really am and make positive choices in living this out. I learned to live more authentically. With Jacquie’s help I learned what connected me to the positive influences, experiences and individuals in my past and how I could weave these into creating spaces in my daily life that were joyful, whole and alive. I used the influence of my grandfather and the experience of spending time in my childhood in the garden to listen to the sweet music around me and to prune areas that needed to be pruned such as letting go of expectations for one and to nurture areas I wanted to grow like the precious time with my daughter.


Jacquie’s patient, attentive, genuinely caring and fluid style allowed me to come to the place to experience this shift. She is an incredible encourager, listener and guide to helping a person discover areas of meaning in sacred places in their life and will shepherd that person into transferring that wisdom into a life of joy and wholeness.


I was looking for someone to organize my house and Jacquie came and organized my heart.


Thank you, Jacquie.