What’s your level of fulfillment today? You know, that feeling of being grounded, connected, having a sense of inner peace and clear direction. Your heart is open, you’re in the flow and you’re excited by possibilities.

Take a quick scan through your life. Look at your relationships, career, environment, family and friends, personal growth, money and health, and for each area give yourself a number on a scale of 1-10.

Many people come to coaching because even though they feel satisfied in some areas, they have a hunger for change. They want, for example, better health or a career change or a more balanced life. Those goals point to something deeper that people are looking for- more peace, more happiness, more aliveness, more ease, more ______________ (fill in the blank). And they also want less- less stress, less angst, less being stuck and feeling frustrated, less beating themselves up.

Where Does Fulfillment Come From?

Where does a sense of fulfillment come from? Does it come from achieving goals, like getting a promotion, traveling around the world, or getting into shape? Well, yes, it can and no, not always. We’ve all had that experience where we achieve a major mile-stone, and a few weeks or days later, we’re back in that same unsatisfied place again.

A sense of fulfillment actually comes from living our own values. We feel satisfaction when our actions express what’s really important and meaningful for us. We feel dissatisfied when our actions are based on what we think we “should” be doing or on the values of others such as workplace colleagues, family or or even cultural norms.

So yes, when our goals express our true values, we feel a great deal of satisfaction, and what’s more, we feel that satisfaction at every moment along the journey toward the goal, not just fleetingly when we achieve it.

How to Have a More Fulfilling Life

It makes sense, then, that one way to have a more fulfilling, rich life is to know your values and choose goals that express them deeply, fully, meaningfully. If I can use cooking as a metaphor (creativity and nurturing are two of my values), it’s like your values are the ingredients, your goals are the recipe, the actions you take are the prep, cooking and plating and and your life- your whole life– is the delicious, nourishing meal you savour and enjoy. Having the awareness, from menu-panning through to washing up, that you’re living what matters most to you is the secret sauce of fulfillment.

For You to Explore

What values are you honouring in your life right now (hint- look in areas you already feel fulfilled)

What values are being stepped on, or do you want to honour more (look in areas of low satisfaction)

What would it take for you to honour your values more fully?

What Next?

I would love to continue the conversation! A coach can be a huge support in clarifying values and taking action to make them more alive in your life. Please get in touch and let’s talk!