Feminine Fire: Feel the Power of Abundance Always

Feminine Fire is a 6 week program dedicated to women on a journey of Never Enough to Abundance Always.


Together we move from overwhelm to aligned action.  We move from shame to acceptance. We move from fear to freedom.  We move from trying to do it all to loving life.


We are a community of women on fire, on an experiential, transformative journey.


There is so much power available when we come together and support each other to resolve self-limiting stories and expand beyond what we think is possible.


In Feminine Fire, we access intuition, imagination, sharing and other feminine resources to power our progress.


Contact me to enrol in our April 3 program, limited to 10 women.


Why join us?

Frustration, anger and anxiety are calling for a change

You’re tired of doing it on your own

Learn what blocks you and move through

Stop avoiding and dive in

Tap into the energy flow of your vision

Work toward your goals in an environment of deep support


What does “experiential” mean?

learning from the experience of exploring to new ideas

not “book learning”

inner change, new perspectives, opening heart, mind, body and spirit


Hear Jacquie and Kimberly talk about Feminine Fire (9 minute audio clip).


What women are saying:

When I came into FF, I was out of control with no power to change my circumstances.  I had no resources. Today, I am much more conscious of my blocks which makes moving forward in my life easier.  I am interested and much less afraid of working through my “Not Enough” story. The support that I received created a space where I felt brave enough to honestly delve into my situation. I felt embraced and supported to do the work that I need and now want to do. Feeling embraced by the group removes the shame because I am no longer alone.  Tracy, California


Contact me enrol in our April 3 program.


Fuel for the Fire: concepts for real and lasting change:



We gather together around the Feminine Fire and start the process of feminine creativity.  Different than how we may have moved toward our goals in the past through plans and checklists, we come together to create alliance and safety for our transformative work to come through embodiment.  We are in this together, bringing our unique sparks and fuel. We focus on action each week towards abundance: money, time, support, health, love.



“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”  Albert Einstein

We explore the idea of higher levels of consciousness.  See how we each already have an existing concept that we work with in our lives.  There will be similarities and differences, strengthening our alliance and our work together.  What new action can we take from different levels of being?



Time to look at the voices that hold us back from Abundance Always.  For some of us it is the negative self talk of the saboteur trying to keep us safe.  For some of us it is the childhood wound of not enough, not important, not safe, invisibility that is running our lives.  Shame is a part of what holds women back. In our safe container, can we heal? No longer hiding this part of ourselves, we are free to take joyful action toward our goals.



What is our particular fire in the world?  What are we here to birth? This module we delve into the world of deeper yearning and action in the world from here, embracing or overriding our resistance to change to continue to move forward and more deeply into our lives together.



What are the gifts of our saboteur and core wounds?  What special learning do we each have that we can share with others?  Each woman in the group has a unique fingerprint on the planet, a special set of circumstances and experiences, her spark, her fuel.  Here we explore our unique gifts based on our unique lives.



Conscious endings are not valued in our culture.  Here we take time to close our circle, acknowledge our growth and accomplishments and love.  And talk about next steps to exploring Abundance Always after the learning around our Feminine Fire.


How We Do It:

Weekly live session over the internet Tuesdays at 7 pm Eastern Time 60 minute call with an additional optional 15 minute discussion period

Preparation material to spark exploration before each module

Homework to keep your fire burning between sessions

Forum to stay connected between sessions, share your learning, ask for, offer and receive support

Bonus 1

2 Coaching Campfires:  group coaching with Jacquie and Kimberly

Bonus 2

Guided visualization audios

More bonuses

We’ll announce these during the program- and they’re awesome!


Hear Jacquie and Kimberly talk about Feminine Fire (9 minute audio clip)


We see a spark within you, a glowing ember, a candle burning, a match striking.


Join us as we kindle our fires and transform our “never enough” stories so there is always enough to sustain and nourish ourselves and those around us.


Together we become a powerful, beautiful fire that warms and lights the way for all.


Contact me today for more information or to enrol in our April 3 program.